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Sometimes the best stories are ripped from the headlines. Use the first paragraph of this news article to inspire your creative writing. If you get your juices really flowing, check out the remainder of the article to see what else you can come up with!

Century plant blooms in Magnolia

Donny H. McDonald pictured in front of his blooming Century Plant at his home in Magnolia, AR.


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Donny Hugh McDonald has lived in Magnolia all of his life and for the past 13 years a Century Agave Plant has joined him.

Nicknamed the “Ruby Pickens” plant after the late former local librarian, the plant has been under the care of McDonald since before he moved into his current residence on West Calhoun Street.

Pickens first gifted the plant to McDonald 13 years ago where it started to grow in a small pot.

Since then, it has been transitioned into the front yard of his home where it currently resides to this day.

Over the past three weeks, the plant has started to grow a significantly tall, center stalk, also known as a bloom spike.

”I have never seen that” said McDonald in a brief chat Wednesday morning, “It was like overnight.”

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